Making Scents Live! - Fundraisers

If your organization is looking to for a fundraising program without the heavy lifting, MAKING SCENTS LIVE has a fantastic solution for you!

MAKING SCENTS LIVE is a hands-on, experiential, multi-sensory event, which sets it miles apart from the predictable activities typically offered at fundraisers. It is an innovative, upscale variation of the currently popular “painting parties,” which are thriving in large part because of their creative and social aspects.

Everyone blends and takes home their own personal creation, and each time a guest applies his or her scent, they will be reminded of what a fantastic time they had at your event. Which means they will have pleasant, positive reminders of your organization every time they use the perfumes they’ve created there! And what is more powerful than great memories?

Under the direction of a scent entertainer, both your male and female guests will design their own one-of-a-kind personal scents in a fun, congenial and creative environment.

Included in this 90-minute happening is a Foolproof Blending* fragrance making kit, which yields one ounce of perfume/cologne in an atomizer when complete, more fragrance to play with at home, and a recipe card to remember their exclusive blend.

The percentage of profits to your organization is determined by how much your organization wants to charge above our asking price and number of guests attending.

Contact us at for details how MAKING SCENTS LIVE can create an event that will raise money for your organization!

*Foolproof Blending is a trademark of our fragrance partner, Demeter Fragrance.

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