Making Scents Live! - Corporate

As a way to thank your clients or employees, or as a fun team-building activity, we know MAKING SCENTS LIVE will be a phenomenal experience that will have your guests thinking about you long after the event is over! They will leave with their own custom scent that will carry the memory of the day forever.

MAKING SCENTS LIVE is a hands-on, experiential, multi-sensory activity, which sets it miles apart from the predictable events typically offered to your employee or client. It is an innovative, upscale variation of the currently popular “painting parties,” which are thriving in large part because of their creative and social aspects.

Using provided kits, participants blend and take home their own personal creations. Each time a guest applies his or her scent, they will be reminded of what a fantastic time they had at your event! Which means they will have pleasant reminders of your company every time they use the perfumes they’ve created there. And what is more powerful than great memories?

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