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Why provide your premium players with the same tired, old experience?

MAKING SCENTS LIVE is a unique, interactive, experiential, multi-sensory event in which participants are invited to create custom-made perfumes from a selection of high-quality ingredients.

Under the direction of a fragrance creation expert, both your male and female guests will design their own one-of-a-kind personal scents in an exciting, congenial and creative environment.

From there, the keyword is “fun” as your guests blend scents based on their personal preferences, using individual kits they receive at check-in.  Guests will leave the event with a finished product--a fine perfume that they will be able to enjoy wearing over and over again. And, each time they do, they will be reminded of the great experience they had at your property!

Guests will be guided in the creation process by a fragrance creation expert using ingredients of the finest quality. The finished product will be comparable to anything found in a fine perfume shop.

Each guest will receive a card to write down the formula he or she used to create the scent at the event. They can use the unused portion of their kits to make more perfume at home. In addition, if they want to create more of their personal fragrance, they will be able to order the ingredients from our perfumer.

There are a number of reasons why MAKING SCENTS LIVE is a winner for your property.  And uniqueness is clearly Number One, because no other company offers this experience!

As gaming industry competition continues to increase, so does the battle for creating and retaining premium players. And we all know that this is a group that has seen and done it all in terms of special events and attractions! But so many player events are primarily passive affairs at which customers sit and watch someone else do something (e.g. singers and comics). With MAKING SCENTS LIVE they can be involved and entertained!

Check out the article about Making Scents Live in Global Gaming Business Magazine August '17 issue.  Also, Check out the video from one of our events.

Contact us at for details how MAKING SCENTS LIVE can bring your VIPs an unforgettable event and bring more revenue to your property.

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