Bridal and Other Private Parties

MAKING SCENTS LIVE can creatively customize our offerings to any occasion.  Whether you have a bridal shower or bachelor/bachelorette party that you would like to be completely unique, a bride or groom who want to create their own scent for the wedding, perhaps even providing it to the bridal party as a keepsake, a one-of-a-kind birthday bash, b’nai mitzvahs, cinco de mayo parties, Super Bowl events, Mardi Gras, or any type of party you can imagine, MAKING SCENTS LIVE will make your celebration unforgettable!

Some of our MENU OF SERVICES...


A group party led by our scent entertainers where each of your guests create a custom, personal, one-of-a kind scent. Perfect for showers, bachelorette parties, friend's gatherings, sweet 16's, birthdays or a gift to your bridal party.           

Included is a custom fragrance kit with six different scents that offer enough fragrance to make one ounce of perfume/cologne in an atomizer bottle and another two ounces to play with at home, all the tools needed to blend the liquid, and a recipe card so that guests can remember
the ingredients for future blending.

You provide the space, food and drink and we provide a smell of a good time!


 Your wedding should be a celebration to remember?  By bringing Making Scents Live! to your special occasion, guests will always remember how unique your day was and will continue remembering each time they use the personal fragrance they created themselves. Scent produces one of the most powerful sensory memories!

Included are our scent entertainers located at a fragrance station where guests will be guided in making their own personal scent from an assortment of beautiful, dynamic fragrances. Each guest will leave with a one-ounce bottle of fragrance they have created with a custom label with the names of the betrothed, (ex: Ashley and Ryan’s Scent-Sational Wedding).  What fun they will have at the affair and what a fabulous party favor to use and conjure up memories of you later!


Let us collaborate with you and expertly guide you on a one-on-one-basis to design and create your unique personal wedding day fragrance. Perfect for brides, grooms, mothers-of-the-brides or wedding parties who want a scent of their own for your most important day.

Included is your private consultation with one of our Fragrance Creation Specialists and delivery of the final product. A custom label will be created for your bottle(s), as well.

You don't have to be a bride for this exclusive option.  Reach out to us to find out how we can make any day special. All of our plans can be customized for any occasion! We will work directly with you or your event planner.


Contact us at for details how MAKING SCENTS LIVE can create an event that will meet your party needs.


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